Friday, July 20, 2012

New Upgrades for McLaren and Lotus in Germany

McLaren 2012 German GP Upgrades
It was a rain-soaked first practice session at Hockenheim on Friday at the German GP, and the focus of attention were two teams in particular. McLaren and Lotus.

New sidepods for the McLaren 2012 challenger have brought up the hopes for the team and in the hands of drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, they expect a return back to the sharp end of the grid.

The new sidepods are not the only upgrade for the McLaren car, because they have also brought a brand new rear wing for this race.

The first practice session the McLaren boys leading the pack, but it's still early in the weekend to suggest the changes and their affects on the car.

Hamilton put it like this...
“I just hope these upgrades can get us back on track, We want to be fighting for wins and top points positions again.”
The other news doing the rounds in Germany this weekend is the new and unique 'Super DRS' of the Lotus E20. The team is optimistic about the new upgrade and hopes it will help them challenge for the top positions come qualifying time on Saturday.


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