Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Alonso among the best drivers in F1 history" - Andrea Stella

Fernando Alonso Best F1 Driver 2012
Alonso is among the best drivers in F1 history. That is according to his race engineer, Andrea Stella.

Andrea Stella didn't want to do comparisons between each and every successful F1 driver, but he did say this.
I just think that, when Fernando performs at these levels, there are just a few drivers in history who can stand the comparison.
Andrea also praised Alonso's skill when the track was wet and said that he performs his best in almost all types of conditions. Germany was yet another proof that Alonso is right on the top of his game and it's going to be hard for other drivers to stop him now.

Fernando Alonso currently leads the F1 driver's championship comfortably from Red Bull driver Mark Webber. Alonso is now the only driver this season to have won 3 Grand Prixs.

Next up, the F1 circus heads to the twisty circuit of Hungary.


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