Monday, July 16, 2012

De Villota crash was not because of the car - Marussia

Maria De Villota F1 Crash
Team Marussia F1 have finished their investigations and have concluded that Maria De Villota's crash was not due to any technical problem with the car but rather suggesting an unfortunate driver error. The 32 years female F1 driver as a result of the crash lost the use of her right eye and is still being treated for her injuries in the hospital.

Here's the full statement from Marussia F1...

"We are satisfied that the findings of our internal investigation exclude the car as a factor in the accident, we have now concluded our investigatory work and can again focus on the priority, which continues to be María’s wellbeing. In that regard, we continue to support María and the de Villota family in any way we can.”


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