Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ferrari still tight-lipped over Massa's Future

Ferrari Felipe Massa, Massa 2012 seat
Ferrari remain secretive as to the identity of the second seat for the 2013 season and beyond.

After Mark Webber's confirmation with Red Bull for the 2013 season, Massa would have hoped for a positive response from Ferrari regarding his own future at the team. But that is not the case as Ferrari remain tight-lipped and refuse to make any hasty decisions.

An anonymous source at Ferrari said that no decision has been made over the second seat as the team feels there is still a lot of time to think over the possible choices.

So it seems that Ferrari will leave this as late as possible, maybe even after the 2012 season to confirm the second seat.

According to rumors going around, several drivers are in contention including Massa, Rosberg, Sutil, and Di Resta.


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