Friday, August 10, 2012

Jenson Button's restaurant 'Victus' shuts down

Jenson Button 2012 Sad Face
It's the Formula 1 summer break, and the news from the F1 world is slightly on the 'thin' side.

However, in some non-racing related news, the 2009 F1 champ Jenson Button's restaurant has to be shut down after almost an year since it was opened up.

Button co-owned the restaurant named as 'Victus', with his partner and former F1 driver Richard Goddard. Sadly, due to undisclosed reasons, the restaurant is to be closed for business.

Here's the reason given by Mr. Richard Goddard...
“Unfortunately the business was launched in an economy which then continued to slide and just hasn’t stopped, with people simply not having the disposable income needed to spend in restaurants.”
Meanwhile, Jenson Button is currently spending his F1 break in Philippines, with his girlfriend Jessica Michibata.


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