Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ferrari not a good option right now for Vettel - Jackie Stewart

Sebastian Vettel Fernando Alonso 2012
If Vettel chooses to switch teams and move from Red Bull to Ferrari at the end of this season, it would be a big mistake, according to 3 times F1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart.

"I wouldn't do that at this time", said Sir Jackie, mentioning that Alonso is way too strong at the moment and has 100 % backing of the whole team. Two young world champions at Ferrari would just not work.

Interestingly, Sebastian Vettel's contract at Red Bull ends at the end of the 2014, while Alonso has signed up for a long term deal which could see him continue to drive a scarlet Ferrari until the end of 2016. So for Vettel to move to Ferrari, he will have to break his current contract and that's not always a good thing for an F1 driver,

Sir Jackie Stewart is also of the opinion that Vettel should stick with Red Bull and only think of moving to another team if he has a really bad year with them. So far, Vettel is 3rd in the championship, with a total of 42 points behind the leader, Fernando Alonso.


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